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This is a new page that should be improving at least every week. In theses pages you will find facts on scorpions, me babbling about my scorpion collection, basically anything about scorpions (except the band), and links to other scorpion pages. Also I will be adding pictures of my animals soon.
This is a page of my own opinon, so don't go and get bit or stung and then come to me and go "What happen?" ok! OK!

It is my intention to help free the stigmas that are held against scorpions.
To educate so to appreciate!

Scorpion Quick Facts

Pandinus Imperator


Centruroides vittatus

Hadrurus Arizonesis

"Desert Hairy"

Androctonus Austalis

"Fat Tail"

Now I have a Scorpion E-mail Listserv!!!

I have a chat channel for the discussion of scorpions or whatever else really. (except the band Scorpions) Just point your irc program torwards any DALnet server and join #scorpions. Don't Panic if your are baraged with ensults when you enter. Its a way of getting to know you.

My other pets!

Texas Giant Centipede , Tiger Salamander , Mr. O'leary! [my cat!] , My Gecko Page , Golden Gecko, Leopard Gecko

Here are a few links to help in sorting
through the mess on the internet!
Not all are scorpion related!

Here is the spot to learn about Scorpions!
Its kept by Scott A. Stockwell.
This is the #1 Scorpion Internet site!


What is a Scorpion?


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