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Bibron Gecko(s)

When I bought these two Geckos I though I was getting two Bibrons! One is a Bibron and the other I have know idea. The other one I have looks just like the Bibron, but his tail is longer, and his head comes to more of a point. Both of them are dark brown with the occasional stripe. They are about 3 1/2 inches long with little bumps covering thier bodies. These guys don't care to be handled at all! It is possible but you usually end up chacing them around on the floor or up the walls!

Golden Gecko

  Common Name Malaysian Golden Gecko
  Scientific Name Hemiphyllodactylus typus
  Temperature 86 during the day with a slight drop to 80 during the night
  Adult Length From 2" to 16"
  Feeding Habits Species feed primarily on crickets, mealworms, and supermealworms with a calcium/vitamin dusting of the food 2-3 times per week. A feeding of once per day for very young species should be provided; with an every other day schdule for adults. Some species show an individual preference for some plant material.
  Compatibility Can be kept with similiar species of similar size, however, is not suggested unless breeding is the goal. For long term succesful reaing, individual housing is best.
  Habitat Succesful permanent maintenace over several generations requires a 10-20 terrarium with a locking lid, plenty of climbing surfaces/branches, a large rock, and if possible a rock or cork back wall. Repti-Bark© and ESU Lizard Litter© are both exellent products for habitat substrate. Sutible plants include any that are non-poisonous and can thrive in a "tropical" enviroment. You can also use any artificial silk plant that provides a natural appearance. A daily misting, fresh drinking water, and a suitable dim basking area should be made available. Ultraviolet light with both UVA and UVB should be provided for 8-10 hours per day


I have them living in a ten gallon tank with about one inch of pine shavings, then on top of that i have about two inches of " repti-bark " for substrate. They have a (I think) cool Oriental style house (4 Levels) made out of popcicle sticks. The roof is detachable so I can get them out or look at them when I please. On the roof I have some moss hanging off for the effect of abandenment. There is also a small water dish with rocks built around it and in it for a nice little pond effect. Its in there mostly for humidity than for drinking, because geckos seem to like licking drops of water off of different things. There is a medium sized hanging plant that has a suction cup to stick to the side. This plant is the new favorite spot for my Bibron! There is also a " y " shaped stick resting on the house going all the way to the other side of the aquarium for an extra place to climb and dilly dally. For a hood I use a regular fish aquarium hood with two nocternal heat bulbs. I try to keep the temperature in between 75 f. and 95 f. The Geckos get their tank misted with water about everyother day for humidity and drink.

There is little info on these 2 kinds of Geckos on the web! This is it!

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