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All I say that will survive
We know whats true, we know whats right
We're going through this till the end
And I know you ain't my friend
M. Cavalera

What's new, that you'll find on this site :
I've been working on a shockwave movie for grins. Its name is The Dingy Bear Show. Its not finished yet
but you can watch it as it blossoms. Hopefully as I learn Director better I can put out a weekly show, or something.
There are many pages containing great info on many different scorpions and on reptiles.

 What the hell is going on around here ?
Hey, my name is Jeremy.
I got a scanner so don't barf at the online photo album!
Some Pictures of a place close to where I live Palo Duro Canyon.(not mine)
      !!! The Dingy Bear Show !!!     
*You'll need Shockwave to view The Dingy Bear Show*
Take a look at my Scorpion Pages here! Now With Chat!
An unfinished Costa Rican vaction story
See some of my Art
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