Sunny Costa Rica

Well I'm back from my trip and have a few stories. First a little background.
The reason for the trip was for my girlfriend to go to a Spanish Instutute to learn spanish. We expected to stay a month for this. We also expected everything to cost about the same as in Mexico.
When we get off the plane in San Jose, Costa Rica we thought the school was going to pick us up from the airport. They Didn't, because, they say they didn't get any comfermation on our arrival. We did give it to them. Anyway We get a cab to our hotel The Aranjuez. It was a nice little bed & breakfast type place. We got a room with a private bath and all was good, until we decided that we could just share a bathroom and save 60 bucks a week doing it. When they moved us to a new room it was small! A box with a bed. We didn't like it, so we tried to get the lobyist to move us back, but they where already full.
Well after this and weighing the cost of living we decided that it wasn't real plosible to stay a month. With that we poped over to the Best Western®. After staying at the B&B I would recomend staying at a place you know has a good reputation, for peace of mind if anything.

With our new bacecamp established we decided to see the town tico style.(Local Costa Ricans call themselves ticos) We walked through some of the many parks of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. They parks are just unbelievable, they are so many different trees and flowers you can forget your in the middle of a huge city! On with the Story

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