Chinese Water Dragon

COMMON NAME Water Dragon
SCIENTIFIC NAME Physignathus cocincinsus
TEMPERATURE 78 to 88 during the day with a slight reduction at night.
ADULT LENGTH Up to 36" (with most of the lenght being tail)
FEEDING HABITS Species feed primarily on crickets, mealworms, superworms, with some species even taking earthworms. Vitamins/Calcium should be provided 3-4 times each week by dusting the food. A feeding of once per day for very young species should be provided with an every other day schedule for adults. Some species show an individual preference for plant and vegetable material.
COMPATIBILITY Due to their territorial nature it is suggested that they are kept individually.
HABITAT Successful permanent maintenace over several generations requires large (60 gallon minimum) well planted terrarium with large rocks, climbing branches, and if possible a cork back wall. The use of Repti-Bark or ESU Lizard Litter should be used as a substrate. Artificial silk plants can be used to provide a "natural" appearance without having to worry about care. Fresh drinking water, daily misting, and a suitable basking area should be made available. Ultraviolet light with UVA and UVB should be provided for 8-10 hours each day.