Veiled Chameleons

  Common Name Veiled Chameleon
  Scientific Name Chamaeleo calyptratus ssp.
  Temperature Between 75 to 95 degrees
  Adult Length Males can reach 2 feet, including tail. Females are smaller at about 14". Veiled Chameleons grow very rapidly.
  Range The Veiled Chameleon comes from the mountainous desert areas of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
  Feeding Habits Veiled Chameleons are insectivores. They will eat crickets and mealworms. They will also eat some vegetables and fruits (collard greens, apples, turnip greens.) Don not feed your Veiled Chameleon any cabbage, spinach, or lettuce. I provide a small baby's food jar with a perching place over the top, in the cage. In the jar I put the food along with some calcium supplement.
  Compatibility Males should not be housed with other males as they are very teritorial. Females on the other hand can be housed together. One male and 2-3 females can be housed together.
  Habitat Chameleons need large encloseurs. The taller the better. This provides the chameleon several places to climb and bask and search for food. This also gives the chameleon the choice of different temperatures, i.e. at different hieghts. Aquariums are not generally recommended, because they lack the air flow that chameleons need. Lighting should compose of an incandescent basking light, one fluorescent full-spectrum light, and exposure to natural sunlight. Live plants look best but be sure to avoid toxic plants. A Hibiscus is common plant that is put with chameleons.