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There are a few places in San Jose that are huge markets. Not entirely like the markets you'll find in Mexico, a little smaller and tammer. Almost all the shops sell the same things, mostly wood crafts that the Native Indians made from the scraps of wood from the timber industry. The purchase of such crafts is not aiding in the deforestaion of the forest, but trying to use what is already been cut down and is otherwise going to be trown away. If you find yourself in Costa Rica feel free to buy all the wood crafts you want with no guilt. We didn't buy any. The wood crafts are all very beautiful, but not my fortay. A local biologist told us that the way to help with deforestation is not, not to buy the local crafts, but to not buy the furniture that is made from woods from the RainForest.(Shortly I will provide a list of such woods!)

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