Peru Sun Lizard

COMMON NAME Peru Sun Lizard
TEMPERATURE Provide a temperature range between 75-80 during the day with a basking area temperature of 90 degrees. Temperatures of 68-70 during the evening.
ADULT LENGTH From 3" to 6"
FEEDING HABITS As insectivores, this species feeds strictly on crickets and mealworms, with a dusting of HERPACARE's Vitamin/Calcium Supplement 3-4 times per week. A feeding of once per day should be provided for young species with every other day feeding for adults. As a referance, the food served should be 1/3 the size of the lizard's head, not larger.
COMPATIBILITY Because of their territorial nature, species should be kept alone unless breeding is the goal.
HABITAT Successful permanent maintenace over severl generations requires a 20-30 gallon terrarium with a screen locking lid, a rock to bask on, a piece of wood or group of rocks to hide in, and if possible a rock or cork bark wall. A deep layer of sandy substrae (ESU Desert Blend) should work well. Other decorations are only needed to appeal to the owners urge for a certain look. Fresh drinking water, and a suitable basking are should be made avaliable. Ultraviolet light with a UVA and UVB should be provided for 8 to 10 hours each day. Although this is a desert species, it is still important that the habitat does not become too arid. A through misting each mornig should keep the humidity at a moderate level of approximately 30%.