Ornate Lava Lizard

COMMON NAME Ornate Lava Tail Lizard
SCIENTIFIC NAME Stenocerus sp.
TEMPERATURE Provide a temperature range between 75-80 during the day with a basking area temperature of 90 degrees. Temperature of 66-70 during the evening.
ADULT LENGTH From 3" to 6"
FEEDING HABITS This species feed strictly on crickets, mealworms, and some superworms. A feeding of once per day should be provided with a cricket calcium/vitamin dusting twice per week. They will ignore themselves so do not overfeed. 4-5 crickets/mealworms should suffice.
COMPATIBILITY Because of their territorial nature, species should be kept alone unless breeding is the goal.
HABITAT Successful permanent maintenace over several generations requires a 20-30 gallon terrarium with a screen locking lid, arock to bask on, a piece of wood or group of rocks to hide in, and if possible a rock or cork bark wall. A substrate mixture of 70% Repti-Bark and 30% ESU Desert Blend ( or sand) should work well. Other decorations are only needed to appeal to the owners erge for a certain look. Fresh drinking water, and a suitable basking area should be made available. Ultraviolet light with UVA and UVB should be provided for 8 to 10 hours each day. It is very important that the habitat does not become to arid. A through misting each mornig should keep the humidity at a moderate level.