Collared Lizards

  Common Name Collared Lizard (Mountain Boomer)
  Scientific Name Crotaphytus collaris
  Range North America
  Size About 8" to 12"
  Temperature During the daytime try to keep the temperature around 75-90 degrees, and a basking spot temperature of 95-104 degrees. Then a drop down to 70-85 degrees for nighttime temperature.
  Compatibility Females can be kept in multipiles of the same sex, however, adult males can be highly teritorial when housed with other males. 3 to 4 females can be housed with one male.
  Substrate Gravel & rocks will work very well. Repti-Bark can be used as well. If using sand monitor your lizard to make sure it isn't ingesting lardge amounts of substrate which can lead to health problems.
  Feeding Habits Collared Lizards are largely carnivorous. Young collareds will eat crickets, mealworms, and super-meal-worms. Adults will on occasion accept pinkie to small mice, goldfish, and grasshoppers.Some will also eat vegetables (my favorite collard greens). Collared Lizards have also been known to feed on small vertebrate (lizards and snakes), and invetabrates (spiders and scorpions)
  Habitat Collareds are roamers and they need a lot of space. If they do not get enough space the lizard will become over stressed. You can't give a collared too much room! An adult male requires a minimum size tank of 40 gallons. Bigger if your going to add females into the habitat. Hiding places are essential. At least for each collared. Rocks are a good decoration, but make sure there not going to fall and crush the animal. A dish of water should be provided, with changes as nesecary. You must provide your Collareds with UVB-providing fluorescent lights for calcium metabolism. Also it is recommended to use an incandescent light for heat.